zola generates this website! So, hopefully this can serve as an introduction to you and a reference of how to maintain this site for me.

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Page Front-matter

Official documentation


Section Front-matter

Official documentation

My (custom) [front-matter] for a new section/post looks something like this:

title = ""
description = ""

# Whether to sort pages by "date", "weight", or "none". I alphabetize, so
# "none" works here and the templates take care of it.
# sort_by = "none"

# Template to use to render this section page
# template = "section.html"

# Apply the given template to ALL pages below the section, recursively.
# If you have several nested sections each with a page_template set, the page
# will always use the closest to itself.
# However, a page own `template` variable will always have priority.
# Not set by default
# page_template =

# How many pages to be displayed per paginated page.
# No pagination will happen if this isn't set or if the value is 0
# paginate_by = 0

# If set, will be the path used by paginated page and the page number will be appended after it.
# For example the default would be page/1
# paginate_path = "page"

# Whether to insert a link for each header like the ones you can see in this site if you hover one
# The default template can be overridden by creating a `anchor-link.html` in the `templates` directory
# Options are "left", "right" and "none"
# insert_anchor_links = "none"

# Whether the section pages should be in the search index. This is only used if
# `build_search_index` is set to true in the config
in_search_index = true

# Whether to render that section homepage or not.
# Useful when the section is only there to organize things but is not meant
# to be used directly
# render = true

# Whether to redirect when landing on that section. Defaults to not being set.
# Useful for the same reason as `render` but when you don't want a 404 when
# landing on the root section page.
# Example: redirect_to = "documentation/content/overview"
# redirect_to = ""

# Whether the section should pass its pages on to the parent section. Defaults to `false`.
# Useful when the section shouldn't split up the parent section, like
# sections for each year under a posts section.
# transparent = false

# Use aliases if you are moving content but want to redirect previous URLs to the
# current one. This takes an array of path, not URLs.
# aliases = []

# Used by the parent section to order its subsections.
# Lower values have priority.
# weight = 0

# Your own data